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Alex Kane

Atlanta, GA
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 238lbs
Finisher: Cravate Suplex

Fear the roar of Bomaye, for it signals the arrival of the “Suplex Assassin,” Alex Kane! This electrifying submission specialist throws rivals like ragdolls with a suplex arsenal unlike any other. But Kane’s wrath extends beyond bone-crunching throws. He contorts opponents into excruciating holds, silencing the air with their gasps. Beneath the mohawk and intimidating aura lies a champion of inclusivity, leading the Bomaye Fight Club with unyielding spirit. In Kane’s world, submission isn’t just a maneuver, it’s a movement, and he invites you to join the revolution. So watch out, for when the “Suplex Assassin” enters the ring, only one thing’s guaranteed: your spine will never be the same.